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So you’re interested in Total ReCal eh?

Total ReCal is a new service from ICT that pulls in your academic timetable, Blackboard assignment deadlines and library book return dates and presents them in a combined web calendar (similar to Google Calendar or Apple’s iCal). You’ll also be able to create your own calendars and share them with your peers and colleagues. Not only that but we’ll start adding special barcodes to the posters up around campus that will allow you to easily add advertised events to your personal calendar, and if you’re the geeky type, you’ll have access to all the raw data via some sexy API’s we’re working on!

Still interested?


Please fill out the following form and as soon as the beta is live you’ll be among the first to know.

If you’ve got any questions feel free to email Alex Bilbie, Nick Jackson (ICT) or Joss Winn (CERD; project leader)

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